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If you distribute your work on CD-ROM, should not you be taking advantage of the interactive capabilities that the discs can offer?

An interactive menu makes your disc more interesting to its viewer. That means they are more likely to use it, that you are more likely to get the results you intended. Whether its for distribution, sales or internal communications, nothing makes a presentation more successful then bringing your viewer into the action.

Multimdeia Presentation

Do you or your organization prepare presentations, business proposals, reports or training aides to be distributed among partners and/or employees? If so, CreativeNet can assist you in making those presentations user friendly and in a format that will automatically open when the CD is placed in the CD Drive.

This is called CD Authoring and it allows us to take your presentation and turn it into a format that will allow the CD to auto run and provides an attractive and user friendly interface from which the user can then use and view the presentation, proposal, report or training aide. Add the level of professionalism to your project that it deserves.

CreativeNet is offering a full menu of affordable Interactive CD-ROM authoring solutions, allowing your discs to show off the effort and creativity you put into them. With CreativeNet CD Authoring service you receive:

Professionally designed user interface for the opening of your project
Integration of your video, images, power point presentations, etc.
Links to your company web site and contact email directly from the interface
Quantity copies of the CD
Professionally designed and printed CD Labels

Plastic or four colour printed paper CD case for each CD ordered

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